Happy Birthday, Lord Ganesha!

This week marked the beginning of the 10-day Hindu festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, much better known as the birthday of Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha, the Hindu God revered for being the remover of obstacles, holds a unique place in many homes. His form is found in the kitsch into the elegant; it could be understated or hold a place of prominence. Here’s a little group of Ganeshas I’ve discovered.

Where’s your next Lord Ganesha sighting come from?

Craig Denis

Here, Ganesha looks ever so dreamy and sets the tone with this soothing bedroom.

Adeeni Design Group

These homeowners are clearly globetrotters who have obtained some wonderful unique items. They have put Ganesha at a place of prominence. No obstacles will get past him here.

Rupal Mamtani

Modern Ganesha vinyl wall sticker – $33

Here’s a modern take on Ganesha. This vinyl wall decal creates art that works beautifully with the cool and contemporary tone of the space.

Rupal Mamtani

Handmade Ganesha Watercolor Painting On Old Vintage Postcard – $19.99

The artist has painted a Ganesha onto a circa-1947 postcard. I really like the blending of old and new crafts and would frame a string of 3 to fill a wall.

Rupal Mamtani

M.F. Husain (1915-2011)

M.F. Husain, known as the”Picasso of India,” is among the most renowned Indian performers of the 20th century. This Husain has portrayed Ganesha at a very avant-garde incarnation.

Rupal Mamtani

Lord Ganesh Printing Hardbound Journal – CAD 25

Ganesha graces a beautiful and auspicious journal to collect your ideas, fantasies and dreams. This 100-percent recycled book has an illustration of Lord Ganesha hand painted onto a background of historical writings.

Do you have an image of Lord Ganesha at home? Please discuss it with us below!

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