Classic Pieces: The Secretary Desk

The secretary desk is a versatile piece of furniture which was an early storage solution. It is equipped with a chest of drawers at the floor, a bookcase on top, and a desk surface concealed in the design. Although antique secretary desks often conjure up images of imposing traditional bits, new designs have updated the notion, and mature versions have been outfitted for new applications. Let’s have a look.

Brian Dittmar Design, Inc..

This desk, designed by Thomas O’Brien, is a wonderful vertical piece. It plays with geometry and has clean lines, nevertheless pays homage to traditional secretaries. I believe that is the desk which Mr. Big utilized to hide a tv in Sex and the City II. Carrie Bradshaw was not a lover of the notion, but I think it’s a good design compromise to get a TV in your bedroom.

Cravotta Interiors

In traditional secretary desk layout, the bookcase shirt was half of the depth of the chest of drawers at the floor. This secretary combines traditional western design with intricate chinoiserie hand-painted designs borrowed in the Far East.

Gast Architects

It is important to consider scale when choosing a secretary. In order to check proportions, tape off the measurements on the ground and wall with tape. This desk is a great instance of a desk position up to the magnitude of this space.

This is just another good illustration of appropriate scale; the tall secretary desk stands up to the vastness of the grand foyer.

Thomas Wold

This can be furniture designer Thomas Wold’s eclectic spin on the secretary desk, which is composed of repurposed drawers and cabinets.

Individuals will often opt to maintain the desk open constantly, making a tiny tablescape and pulling up a seat. Be aware that this modern secretary has open space beneath it in lieu of drawers, making the piece appear lighter.

Amy of Maison Decor

Secretaries with glass doors make fantastic china cabinets, offering a screen space above and drawers for storing silverware and table linens below.

Mahoney Architects & Interiors

A secretary in this kitchen adds a nice contrast to the cabinets, bringing in much more personal style.

Kathleen Burke Design

This secretary is the best match for this particular nook between a fireplace and wall in this bedroom.

C3d layout

Secretaries are a terrific source of inspiration built-ins. This kitchen desk has added a Chippendale secretary-inspired detail to the top (quite similar to this one in the previous picture ), adding to the custom look and also bringing a touch of classic style to a room full of cutting-edge stainless steel appliances.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Similarly, this smart designer has employed a secretary-esque, freestanding cabinet for storage in the bathroom. It adds instant character and a gorgeous dark wood to the calm room.

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