Quick Fix: Multipurpose Painter’s Tape

Whether your last painting project took place three times or three decades ago, chances are you have painter’s tape lying around your property. I painted my apartment a couple of decades before, and I have three rolls of the broad blue tape in my own desk. The fantastic news is, there’s a number of applications for this tape. Kenny Grono, president of Buckminster Green in Philadelphia, Pa., stocks 5 of his favorites.

1. Temporary handle. When waiting to put in knobs or pulls on cabinet doors, fold tape in half and stick to doorways. The makeshift handle will maintain grimy fingerprints off until hardware is installed.

2. Protect doors and sills. When remodeling or moving, tape door thresholds and windowsills with painter’s tape to protect them from scuffs when shifting furniture and materials in and out.

3. Keep dust out. Tape the perimeter of cupboard and cupboard doors before doing any dusty and dirty work in a room. A closed door can not keep all the dirt and dust from getting in through the cracks.

4. Make cuts. Put tape on the edge of a completed surface before cutting with a circular saw or jig saw. The tape prevents unattractive and rough marring of the finish.

5. Protect flooring. While painting, be certain that you tape the edges of plastic or paper flooring protection into the baseboard — not the flooring. Even blue painter’s tape may pull a polyurethane floor finish!


And needless to say, there’s a ton of great ways to use painter’s tape with paint as a means to personalize and design your house. Design your very own unique geometric shape, tape off it, and then apply a fresh coat of glossy paint to wall, door or item of furniture to completely change the look of a space.


Check out Brian Patrick Flynn’s DIY project on how best to use painter’s tape to update an unfortunate door.

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