The Family Home: The Dress-Up Dilemma

I am not sure whether it’s this way for many kids, but my children like to dress up. I have discovered that when they’re between the ages of 2 and 6, dress-up is in its prime.

Many days, my 3-year-old seems as Batman, a lady, Mr. Incredible and a slew of other superhero mixes, all before 10 a.m. His frequent costume changes, while entertaining, create a wreck that frequently has me loathing among his most loved actions.

In a bid to control the mess while still encouraging his creative side, I chose to check the archives to find ideas for getting a handle on our dress-up situation. If you have a little celebrity in your house too, these are ideas you won’t want to overlook.

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1. Utilize a shelf. If you have an excess shelf with hooks lying around, put it up in the kids’ room.

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2. Display dress-up clothes on hooks. If your kid’s room, play area or an empty hallway has the space, consider hanging favored costumes on easy pegs at small ones’ eye level.

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3. Store outfits onto a coat rack. To restrict the amount of costume changes occur throughout the daytime, place dress-up clothes from reach.

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4. Create a display area. If your kid’s cupboard has some spare room, why not produce a boutique shop display area? This is not only going to home the dress- up jumble, but will inspire creative drama too.

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5. Use inspirational substances. Repurposing unusual stuff, such as this branch, to display dress-ups will add a bit of pizzazz into the space. Additionally, notice the mirror placed low enough for children to admire their superhero or princess appearance.

6. Make use of what you have. If your clothes drying rack isn’t getting much use in the laundry room, consider moving it to your kid’s space to store costumes.

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7. Out of sight. Sometimes it is nice to be able to stash away things and divert children into other activities. Storing dress-up clothes in a trunk like this 1 willkeep them secure and neat while your children have fun everywhere.

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8. Hang a clothes rack. If you want to exhibit outfits in a room without a closet, installing a simple clothes rack is the solution for you.

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