Smashing Mosaics Stir Landscape Style

There is something very tranquil and compelling about rocks and glass swirling across the ground, creating delightfully patterned mosaics. The ripples of colour and texture bring as much life to the surface of a barren patio, and also the most glorious part is they aren’t all that difficult to create on your own.

The fact that mosaics are so rare in house gardens makes them even more appealing. Perhaps it’s time to try one in your own yard — take a look at these inspiring examples to see what you believe.

Gregory Lombardi Design

Helloooo. I would be over the moon if I had these lush alcoves in my backyard. Within this setting that is private and tranquil, a floor seems like a hangout.

Exteriorscapes llc

Skirted by a magical wooden pergola, this extensive patio is divided nicely by an assortment of stones patterned into snail shell forms.

Jeff Company & King

The scale of the pattern is pretty amazing, and the colours complement the house well. I enjoy the home feels to be an artist resides there. The mosaic is certainly a nice touch.

W. Gibson & Co..

If you really don’t have any time but still want to try out a mosaic in your own yard, you can always squeeze one like that on your existing patio. I believe this would be fun to do with marbles or letterpress type too.

Seasons Garden Design LLC

Beautifully organic in composition and color, this gorgeous pattern has no frills and no fuss. Since the design is not symmetrical, you won’t feel nervous about messing this up. That emerald green colour reminds me of a mermaid.

House + House Architects

Surrounded by bright colours and perhaps close to a sea, this rug of stones feels right in your home. What is it about these beautiful patterns that whisks me away to Mexico?

Beertje Vonk Artist

This neutral pattern resembles something a useful person could take on without pulling their hair out. It may be a fantastic place to start if you want to get into larger mosaics someday. As straightforward as it is, it still creates a bold statement.

Exteriors From Chad Robert

I almost browsed right past this picture because I believed it was an outside rug! Since they generally observe the highest amount of traffic in a yard, gathering places are an excellent area to install one of these beauts.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Perhaps this is stretching the concept of a mosaic a bit — but then again, perhaps not. Make sure you have a friend to help if you do a flagstone patio of the scale (these stones are thick!) . In fact, make certain you have a buddy helping however big the rocks are, and tell them to bring some wine. And knee pads.

Erin Lang Norris

Garden Mosaics by Becky Paton – $19.95

If you enjoy these mosaic patterns, then you may be considering a book on the subject. I bought this one on ceramic tile mosaics, by Becky Paton, a few years back on a whim and overlooked its beauty at the time.

Taking another look, I discovered that it has a lot of great mosaic projects along with supplies and materials lists.

The Complete Pebble Mosaic Handbook by Maggy Howarth: – $19.95

This mosaic guide also appears promising. It investigates pebble mosaics rather than ceramic ones and would be a fantastic addition to any gardener’s library.

Have you got a mosaic in your own yard? Be sure to share photographs in the Comment section below!


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