Diva Bedrooms Grab the Spotlight

“Diva” identifies a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera, theater, cinema or popular music. She tends to get impressive style. Additionally, she is probably tired and needs just the right bedroom perfect for recharging.

But a diva’s bedroom isn’t placed together on a whim: This is a thought-out area that reflects her keen eye for panache. Now I’m just a humble writer from Chicago — the closest I’ve gotten to divadom is singing along with a Beyoncé track — but I have some ideas for how these high profile girls might go about decorating a bedroom. One thing is for certain.


The diva isn’t interested from the ordinary. She needs a bedroom that makes a statement as loud and clear as she does herself. Her eye is honed for unusual finds, such as a fabulous antique headboard and a timeless Louis seat stamped using a face and splashed in lime green. An eclectic area gets her juices flowing.

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Creating an effect is second nature to the diva. A room entirely in hot pink? The diva doesn’t hesitate to approve a bold color scheme. Actually, why would she stop in the walls? The diva goes halfway — she ensures that the ceiling is in on the act, also.

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A diva understands that a room in all black exudes edgy drama, so you’d better think she is all for it.

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The diva knows the talents and ways of the past can teach her multitudes, therefore she is no stranger to antiques. She mixes them so, proud of her one-of-a-kind finds.

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The diva travels all around the Earth, so she isn’t going to get a bedroom with no an incredible view. If she’s a superdiva, she probably has a number of those bedrooms with a view in all types of spectacular places.

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Above all, the diva understands her tendencies, and her bedroom reflects that understanding. The diva understands that 2012 requires big mirrors, so that she takes it to another level using a mirror that covers the entire wall.

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The diva understands that blending patterns is all of the rage, so that she includes everything from geometrics to prints. She is not scared of a lot of patterns in 1 room; she knows how to work it.

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

The diva helps to ensure that her distance involves a mixture of materials, from silk. And not tiny doses of those materials — she wants entire walls in velvet, of course.


By now we know that the walls of a diva’s bedroom are seldom off trend or, heaven forbid, dull. When a diva selects background, she makes sure it’s a nature motif, a hot-ticket style for 2012.


Concerning color, the diva may go a few various ways. One might be the trendy metallic palette –sometimes a diva just wants her bedroom to signify her jewelry collection.

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Or she may go for other current favorite colours, like coral, yellow and turquoise. Don’t think she picks up on the tendencies directly from design blogs; she’s getting this information from her assistant’s junior assistant’s intern, who is studying those blogs.

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Obviously, the diva always knows how to incorporate tendencies in a sophisticated fashion. The feathers we’ve been seeing everywhere? The diva sneaks them via a chic object of art. Let us face it, the diva is always 1 step ahead.

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