Make the Most of Your Entryway

If first impressions take less than 10 seconds, then what’s your entryway saying about your home? I shudder to believe back to my period of apartment dwelling when my “entryway” was a part of one space that consisted of the kitchen, living and dining areas all in one. Although I might not possess a sprawling entryway today, at least I can say I’ve got one.

Based on the time of your home, you may have an entire room or a grand staircase dedicated to inviting guests in. Other houses, like my 1940s cottage, have a very small walkway (only big enough for a small rug) that opens up to a formal living room. Apparently my fantasy of an official entrance was not meant to be, therefore I needed to get creative and designate a place in my living room to function as an entryway. Whether spacious or quaint, there are plenty of approaches to produce your entrance space comfy and even operational.

Entryways can serve quite different purposes. Is yours a formal front entry that is not used by your loved ones on a daily basis? Lucky you; you have to concentrate on the appearance. Perhaps your entryway is the first stop for children off the bus and has to home shoes, pliers and scarves in an organized fashion. This takes another strategy. However, whatever the purpose, these ideas can help make your entryway more useful and lovely.

Brian Watford Interiors

So many old houses have beautiful wood staircases that should be shown off. I love the way the two lamps brighten this entryway and show off this incredible banister and stairs. Rather than saturating the area with colour, the upholstered green ottomans provide a bit of green and soften everything might have felt like an otherwise crude space.

Karen Joy Interiors

Can you imagine using a reading nook like this one in your property? I believe more books on my “to read” list would locate themselves completed when I had a spot in this way. To modernize the look of conventional trim and crown molding, consider painting it light grey. Here, it’s paired with white walls to draw attention toward the stunning detail in the wood. Built-in seating uses the space beneath a staircase. The textiles work well together despite varied organic and geometric patterns, because they all have the same colour of coral.


Talk about a neatnik’s fantasy! There is a place for all in this area. Hooks, baskets and drawers provide ample storage for coats, shoes and puppy supplies.

Produce a makeshift mudroom

Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist

Really like the concept of built-in storage but your wallet is saying no more? This hook and tray system may be all you need to start decluttering. Additionally, notice the stunning antique vases. This piece along with the beautiful collected items on it draw your eye away from the things to its left. Using period pieces may also pay tribute to the era in which the home was built.

Kate Marker Interiors

A dark rug is an excellent idea for a high-traffic area. The old church pew has been painted white and looks beautiful from the geometric print. The classic detail about the pew ties in well with the crown molding and trim. This is a great illustration of how blending traditional furniture with a modern print works well to keep an entryway from feeling overly formal.

How to choose an entryway rug

Regan Baker Design Inc..

If you’ve got a bungalow or Tudor-style smaller home, you might not have much of an entrance to talk of. However, you can still designate a space to add a small charm. These homeowners used a small desk, a lamp and a picture to make a totally sized vignette.

bright designlab

This entrance underwent an entire makeover with just a few select pieces. The bright, oversize art, the repurposed filing cabinet along with the striking light fixture communicate a message.

The Decor Repair

This is the area in my formal living room I designated as an entryway. Bear in mind, my tiny walkway just was not cutting it. I have a rather large living space and could easily spare the wall area for this mirrored console dining table. I am a sucker for symmetry, therefore I added planters and lamps on each side to balance the visual burden on every side.

This really is one of the first spaces in my home for which I understood exactly what I wanted. I’ve got big plans for virtually every room in the home, but this tiny console dining area is one that I plan to stay around for a little while.

More ways with console tables

Michelle Hinckley

This is just plain genius. Should you own a piano, sometimes it can be hard figuring out where to put it — particularly if it is not played very often. Using it in place of a games console table is such a surprising twist. A lamp and a mirror dress it up so that it doesn’t look strange.

If your previous home requires a facelift, the entryway is the perfect place to get started. A few choice pieces can alter the texture from the very moment you walk in the doorway.

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