How to Tile Your Floor

Tile floors are a timeless and durable flooring option that works for a variety of rooms within the home. They’re also low-maintenance, which makes them suitable for big families with pets. However, to ensure that your tile survives the multitude of spills and foot traffic that will inevitably befall it, it’s important to do the Fresno flooring correctly.


When preparing your surface for flooring Fresno, make sure that you maximize the space to fit more whole tiles than cut tiles. If you have to have awkwardly sized tiles, then install them in areas where they’ll be covered by the vanity or by the door where they’ll be out of sight. Also, wait for at least 24 hours for the tiles to fully cure before stepping on them to avoid damaging your newly installed floors.  

Dry Layout

Draw chalk lines that go from the middle of each wall to the center of the room where the lines will intersect. Then, place tiles in a row alongside a straightedge that’s situated halfway across the room to figure out what size you should cut the tiles along the walls.

Place a single tile at the intersection of the chalk lines that you drew earlier, and measure from the edge of the tile to the nearest wall, and then mark that distance on the tile row. The goal is to get the width measurement of the tile along the wall. flooring Fresno CA is all about precision and if you get your measurements right from the start, there won’t be much difficulty with the rest of the job.

Dry Layout Part 2

Make sure the measurements for walls A and B are aligned and make necessary adjustments if needed. Then mark the tile you placed in the center to where it reaches the chalk lines to determine wall C and D.  

Then, place a straightedge facing the C and D line, and draw along the intersection of the straightedge and the curve of the tile. Use a flash-cut saw to trim door casings so that you’re able to fit tiles beneath them.

Spread Thinset Mortar

Mix your thinset powder with a latex additive instead of water so that you can get a mayonnaise-like texture, and leave it to cure for at least 2 hours. Afterward, spread it next to the straightedge with the flat end of a trowel.

Set the Tile

Place the tile onto the thinset layer gently, and slightly twist the tile in place using your forefingers and wrist.

Final Cuts

Use a snap cutter to make any straight cuts that are necessary.

Notch the Tile

Carefully cut the tile on a wet saw, and make sure to stick to the required line to fit the measurement.  

Fill the Joints with Grout

Leave the tile overnight to set before scraping off thinset residue with a margin trowel the following morning. Then, spread some mayonnaise-textured grout onto the tile, and hold the rubber float at a 45-degree angle, moving from one end of the room to the center on each wall.

Finishing Touches

Leave the grout to cure for about 30 minutes before gently wiping down the entire hardwood flooring Fresno surface with a sponge that has been dipped in clean water. Once the grout has hazed over, wipe the entire surface area with a clean sponge, and repeat if necessary until the entire surface is clean.