Going Greige: Tips for Choosing This All-Around Neutral

When you combine the elegance of gray with the earthy qualities of crimson, you get greige. If you call it a warm gray or a trendy beige, then you would be correct in either situation. In nature, greige is the colour of stonework and kinds of wildlife. It’s an elegant neutral that is easy on the eyes. Greige functions well in any room and gets along quite well with any other colour. If you have been on the lookout for the great neutral and you are torn between gray or beige, then you’ll find the best of both worlds by choosing greige.

Molly McGinness Interior Design

Add orange into greige and you’ll have a room that bursts with casual elegance. Orange is such a color and the selection that is perfect for bringing out the warm tones in greige.

Paint Select: Quiver Tan 6151 by Sherwin Williams

A greige wall shade not only overlooks this darkened space, but in addition, it makes an unassuming backdrop for its subtle black-and-white prints.

Paint Select: Analytical Gray 7051 by Sherwin Williams

This homeowner picked Perfect Greige 6073 by Sherwin Williams, which does not detract from her furniture finds.

Turan Designs, Inc..

Glossy greige cabinets complement this kitchen lightly stained flooring.

Paint Select: Tapestry Beige OC-32 by Benjamin Moore

Harrell Remodeling, Inc..

Inside this space, greige walls pick up the warm tones of their slate tiles and finishes the toilet’s modern design.

Paint Select: Gray Mirage 2142-50 by Benjamin Moore

Mark English Architects, AIA

In it is darker tones, greige is inviting and warm, and generates an extremely comfy space.

Paint Select: Char Brown 2137-20

Zack|de Vito Architecture + Construction

Soft and subtle greige walls keep our focus on the fabulous view.

Paint Select: Stone Harbor 2111-50

Anne Rue Interiors

Functions in harmony with the wood beams and furniture in this rustic space.

Paint Select: Gray Area 7052 by Sherwin Williams

Amoroso Design

In this bedroom, a lighter tone of greige creates a comfy space, and allows the more vibrant accent colours to pop.

Paint Select: Agreeable Gray 7029 by Sherwin Williams

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

This greige eating area is a fantastic example of understated elegance. The wall colour, artwork and furniture work together to make a space that feels organic and warm. While the lighting fixture adds just a little sparkle.

Paint Select: Wool Skein 6148 by Sherwin Williams

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