The best way to Install Tile on Wood Stairs

It’s possible for you to install tile on wood stairs in the event the stairs are flat, strong and level. The stairs should also be secure enough to withstand the weight of the tile. These four requirements should be satisfied before the tiling method is started by you. In the event the stairs are capable and strong to withstand the weight of the tile but not flat and level, it is possible to install a subfloor cement-board to produce a flat, sleek and level area. Installation of cement-board is also employed to stabilize wood stairs.

Installation of the Tile

Prepare the surrounding region for tile installation as well as the wood stairs. Remove the trim, carpet, rugs or other products in the area. Place the trim in a place that is secure.

Remove staples, tacks or nails from the wall as well as the stairs.

Inspect each stage for cracks and holes. Fill cracks and the holes with wood putty. Allow the putty to dry for 60-minutes, then sand to produce an area that is sleek.

Cut the nose board in the front of every step. The nose board is the part of the action tread that extends past riser, or the backboard, of each stage. Cut the nose board flush with all the riser utilizing both a circular saw or a jigsaw.

Sand the cut region to produce a worksurface that is flat and sleek. Sand sander complete with sandpaper yourself.

Remove sanding dust and other particles in the steps. The region, then wipe down each stage using a moist cloth or sponge. Start in the very best stage that is wooden and perform the staircase down.

Start perform down and tiling at the most effective step.

Position the tile in the middle of the riser, or stage area that is vertical, of the action. So the front-edge is even using the stage tread area move the tile. Place A1/8 inch spacer on every corner of the tile. Place the tiles to both sides of the middle tile in position. Repeat the procedure on the other side of the row. For slicing a T either conclusion Mark the tile and behind the first-row of if required.

Remove the tile in the step. Make all cuts that are required.

Apply a a skinny, 1/8 inch layer of Thinset adhesive to the trunk of the tile. Position and place the tile in the middle of the riser. Place a spacer on every corner. Repeat the method.

Secure the tile to the tread in the sam e trend as the tile put on the riser. S O the gaps between each tile are in-line with one still another position the tiles. Align the front-edge of the tile flush with all the the top of tile on the riser.

Cut the tiles asneeded.

Move to the action that is wood until the complete established of stairs is tiled, and repeat actions 8 through 1 3. Allow the thin set adhesive to dry 2 4 hrs before continuing.

Installation of the Grout

Mix a batch of grout in line with the guidelines on the package of the manufacturer’s. Not all grout is combined the sam-e. Manufacturer’s vary in the water.

Start perform down and grouting at the very best step.

Apply a liberal quantity of grout to the tread on the stage together with the grout float. Spread the grout on the tile area and shift it in to the spaces between each tile. Remove extra grout with all the fringe of of the float. Repeat to get a total of two actions.

Remove the extra grout in the surface of the tile. Wipe the tile having a moist cloth or sponge. Be cautious maybe not to eliminate the grout from your spaces involving the tile. Add mo Re grout if needed.

Move two measures down. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until all tile is grouted.

Allow the grout to dry and harden for 2-4 hrs.

Wipe down the tile area using a moist fabric or sponge to eliminate grout movie. Allow the grout to set 2-4 hrs. Wipe the grout movie and the the top of tile once more to remove.

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