Guest Groups: Kitchen Basics for a Very First Thanksgiving

There comes a time once the important job of hosting Thanksgiving gets passed down from 1 generation to the next. Until this obligation is placed in your lap, it is difficult to completely understand the complexity of what is necessary to be the sponsor. By having the ideal tools and serving dishes to knowing how to decorate with tastefully simple touches, it is all right here in this ideabook! — Liza from (a)Musing Foodie

Sur La Table

All Clad Stainless Steel Roasting Pan With Rack – $159.95

A really good roasting pan will go a long way, and you are able to use it after Turkey Day for items like roast chicken or roast beef. Additionally, by going with a stainless model, you will have the ability to scratch all the delicious bits that settle in the floor without worrying about scratching the surface.

Fire & Flavor

Turkey Perfect Brine Bag – $4.99

Perhaps you already know that trick, but should not, I’ve got just one word for you: brine. Brining your turkey before roasting will ensure you of the moistest birds you’ve ever eaten. Find a brining recipe that is good and give it a whirl. This tote will make cleanup a snap.


Oxo Turkey Baster Set – $10.09

A baster can help you take advantage of all the yummy juices that the turkey creates while cooking. I really like that this one comes with a cleaning brush, as basters are notoriously hard to clean well.

Barnes & Noble

Williams-Sonoma: Thanksgiving Entertaining – $17.96

A good cookbook will go a long way if you are in need of a few recipe inspiration. This one spans the nation, looking at menus with West Coast, Southern and New England flare.


Linen Butcher’s Twine

A chunk of good butcher’s twine will go a long way from the kitchen. Use it to tie roasts and keep your turkey’s legs in place while roasting.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Fall Stripe Tablecloth – $14.99

Even though a tablecloth might not be a regular thing in your house, they really do come in handy during the holidays when you are attempting to dress up your table and keep spills out of hurting the end. I really like this one since the stripes will conceal stains well, and it doesn’t scream Thanksgiving, which means you will have the ability to use it following the vacation.

Cost Plus World Market

Oxo 2-Cup Fat Separator – $9.99

Hand separate the fat from the juices before making your gravy? Pshaw! Use one of those fat separators to make the job easy. They really do work!


Oxo Basting Brush, Silicone – $9.99

You’ll want a basting brush in addition to your baster to actually get from the nooks and crannies. This one is heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and dishwasher safe.

Swiss Knife Shop

Wusthof Classic 8″ Hollow Edge Carving Knife – $119.99

No Thanksgiving chef should be without a good carving knife. Pick one that’s sharp and long, but it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. You need a knife that can perform double-duty and be used after Thanksgiving too.

Sur La Table

White Rectangular Platters – $24.95

Simple white serving platters are fantastic for carved turkey, in addition to additional non-Thanksgiving food following the vacation.

Sur La Table

Porcelain Gravy Boat With Tray – $19.95

A deep sauce vessel (or 2 in the event that you sponsor a large gathering) is much simpler to use than any type of bowl and spoon combination. Make certain to get one with a saucer because they’re inevitable.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Oxo Good Grips Potato Ricer – $24.99

It’s true that you can certainly hand mash or use a hand-held mixer, but the very best home cooks know that a potato ricer is your very best way to make creamy, oh-so-good mashed potatoes.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Utensils Metal Trivet – $12.99

Trivets. You are going to require a lot of trivets. It feels like Thanksgiving has the largest number of serving meals, and popular ones at that.

La Belle Cuisine

Turkey Lifters – $15.95

These might be called Turkey Lifters, but they’ll come in handy for holding the bird set up while you’re carving it too. They will also work good for hauling beef roasts and roast cows stable during dividing time.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Oxo Good Grips Digital Leave-In Meat Thermometer – $39.99

I adore that Oxo thermometer. It’s user friendly and has cool features like a 10-minute warning to prevent over cooking. It is certainly worth the money.

Easy Lunchboxes

Compartmentalized BPA-Free Plastic Food Storage Containers – $13.95

Have plenty of compartment storage containers handy to pack up leftovers in easy, one-stop servings — think homemade TV dinners.


Pumpkin Black Iron 8 Glass Candle Holder Centerpiece – $34.99

In case you have room on your table, a centerpiece with candles can be the perfect addition. I like this one since the candles are found in votive holders, meaning less waxy drips.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Kikkerland Magnetic Retro Kitchen Timers – $14.99

Have you ever kitchen timer? Get another! With each of the different dishes cooking for different periods of time, having a few timers handy will be useful. This one has a fun, retro feel. Additionally, it is magnetic, which means you can stick it someplace away from your countertop.


Monaco Pie Server – $18

The pie server is a very simple tool that makes dishing out slices so much easier than attempting to wrangle a fork and knife combination. It is Well worth the money, I guarantee.

Root Candles

Mulled Cider Candle – $9

Making homemade mulled cider would be a cure for any of your guests. Should you have to conserve burner space for several of the other food you’ll be making, contemplate this mulled cider candle. You are going to find all of the fragrance without the stress of attempting to locate a place to cook your own.

Kitchen Island Co..

Extra Large Carving Board With Juice Grooves – $92

A large carving board with juice trenches will be your very best buddy at dividing time. Make certain to pour the juices into your homemade sauce, or use them to boost a spoonful that is salty if that’s the route you go.


Serving Stand and Salad Plate Holder – $11.97

These functioning racks come in handy, especially if you’re serving Thanksgiving buffet style. Raising up serving dishes makes a lot more space on the table to get a ton of snacks.


Mozaik Serving Utensil Set – $22.25

One good set of serving utensils is crucial when you are hosting a big get-together like Thanksgiving dinner. Based upon the size of your gathering, you might need two collections.


Crock-Pot Cook & Carry Programmable Slow Cooker, Stainless Steel – $53.99

Free up cooker space by picking a few recipes that can be cooked in a slow cooker.

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