Design Inspiration: Bring Bali Home

Nature, open areas and plenty of lighting only start to describe the beauty of Balinese décor. Bali designs also signify the tropics, luxury and beautiful craftsmanship. You can choose Balinese décor for just 1 room in your house or you can completely transform your living space into your very own Balinese retreat. In any event, make use of sophisticated accessories and a rich color palette to deliver the sensation of this Indonesian island to your dwelling.

This luxurious courtyard home was laid out with nature and open space in your mind. Tropical cabanas, natural substances and a exotic pool aid compose a stunning place perfect for a vacation at home.


Space is valued in Balinese house design. Here, a vaulted ceiling makes it possible for elements under to express their beauty without crowding the space. A strong color palette is also utilized, together with fuschia, yellow and orange imitating the gorgeous colours of flowers found around Bali.

Urban Elements Interior Space

Balinese-inspired accessories are a great way to add personality to any space.

Tal Goldstein

Intricate chocolate-brown panels are quintessential Balinese accessories. Here, a gorgeous panel was used as a headboard, and abundant colours were added to the bed to accomplish a real Balinese style.

Lamps Plus

Contemporary National Geographic Bali Table Lamp – $97.98

A table lamp such as this, featuring the primary characteristics of Balinese design (nature and rich colors), helps you define the motif.

Robin Rigby Fisher CMKBD/CAPS

For a small dose of Balinese allure, just apply the color scheme and substances. Here, a glossy bathtub is becoming a exotic item as a result of its wooden legs, while a very simple storage cupboard receives the Indonesian treatment with Balinese accessories.

Home Decorators Collection

Bali Northern Heights Wood Vertical Blinds

To readily communicate the gist of Bali, utilize wooden vertical blinds that can enable you to bring all other elements together.

Lori Gilder

This casual cabana frames the tropical splendor of the outdoors and uses warm terracotta colors all around. With beautiful environment in Bali, it is no surprise that home decorating is focused on taking advantage of the scenery.

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