Mirrors, Mirrors in the Wall

How you dress up your walls and how you accessorize an outfit have a lot in common. In both cases, simplicity sometimes rules, and sometimes, layering in more elements adds some needed drama. We all know how a mirror produces a space seem larger, more open, and adds measurement. Imagine what happens when you take three, five, seven or just a few dozen mirrors and set them together as wall art. A high fashion look.

Jarlath Mellett

The bunch of contemporary circular mirrors elevates this space from a hallway to a grand entryway. The mirrors include a sense of openness.

Hint: When you’re organizing a small set of mirrors, think in strange numbers. Odd number groupings of items are nearly always more appealing to the eye. So think 3, 5 or 7 mirrors.

Donna Thomas Vintage Chic Furniture

Give a staircase a grander presence using a mixture of mirrors on the wall leading your eye up the steps. It is more unexpected than the standard design of organizing family photos along a staircase.

Hint: The white frames of the mirrors mix against the white walls and retain the frames from becoming a distraction. That way, the mirrors are the stars.

Amoroso Design

Circular mirrors — big and little — float behind a staircase, making an eye-catching announcement. The mirrors reveal the exact same framework, which generates a pleasing arrangement to the eye.

Hint: If you’re using mirrors that share the exact same framework, they naturally will seem like they belong together. Play about with spacing the mirrors randomly distances apart from one another. The randomness creates a sense of movement.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

An easy method to make your bed look like the focal point of your bedroom is to add a piece of artwork over. This, an artful arrangement of three mirrors (with interesting shaped frames) ties everything together.

Circular mirrors can seem very geometric and contemporary, based on how they’re displayed. Here, circular mirrors of the exact same style — only in different sizes — are spaced out throughout an entire wall. The effect is striking, bold and contemporary.

Between Naps on the Porch

A mixture of mirrors and framed family portraits line the staircase over a chair rail. The closely clustered arrangement and blend of frames give this stairway an eclectic, traditional fashion. You feel like you’re walking to the home of a collector.

greige/Fluegge Interior Design, Inc..

This space captures a classic rustic style. Everything appears to coating together so nicely — the grey walls, the large gray-framed mirrors, and the mixture of terrariums onto a rustic wood table. The bunch of mirrors behind the table definitely creates a stunning backdrop.


Seven mirrors using a more exotic style add intrigue to the space. The frames actually draw the eye the mirrors have a starburst shape I love.

Michael Abrams Limited

This stunning gallery wall features all rectangular-shaped mirrors in a mixture of frames hung vertically and horizontally to match in the wall. There is a noticeable symmetry because the mirrors are spaced in exactly the very same intervals.

Brown Glaws Contractors Fine Custom Homes

A grid of mirrors against the back wall of a large great room adds further dimension to the room. The identical mirrors are hung with no space between, so they seem like one unified piece rather than a group of mirrors.


Round Seaside Mirror – $299

If you’re scouting for mirrors to hang on your wall, here are a few favorite finds that make a statement alone or blend beautifully with additional mirrors.

This distressed round mirror resembles a classic score with its layers of paint. Nonetheless, it’s actually made of resin (making it light and simple to hang).


Vintage Resin Mirrored Frames – $10

Ten bucks buys you a group of three turquoise resin mirrors that have a feminine, flirty fashion. That’s a serious steal for a trio of mirrors that will instantly dress up any room.

Urban Outfitters

Mosaic Wall Mirror – $50

This sun-shaped mirror consists of little circular mirrors surrounding one large round mirror such as rays of the sun. It is an affordable mirror that will add a significant dose of glam to your living room.

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