9 Easy Ways to Decorate With Autumn Leaves

The wonderful thing about decorating for fall is that you often don’t have to go farther than your neighborhood for materials. Autumn decor revolves around harvest and nature’s bounty, so the beauty of the outside is all you really need for seasonal decorations — particularly if you’re lucky enough to live where leaves turn vibrant shades of orange, crimson and yellow. Continue reading for a couple of easy and budget-friendly decorations which rely on the easy elegance of fall.

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When you’re using colorful leaves as decoration, you do not need to do a lot to emphasize their natural beauty. In this room, the rustic and organic appearance of the centerpiece provides a fantastic contrast to the polished inside. So, just clip several branches off a colorful tree and set them in your favorite vase. The larger the arrangement, the greater of a design statement the branches will probably create.

Kelly of Live Laugh Rowe includes a great deal of wonderful fall decor ideas, but one of my personal favorites is this very simple centerpiece. Place an autumn-themed bowl or plate on top of a candlestick or cake stand. Fill it with leaves, acorns and candles to get a easy and casual appearance. Kelly used electric candles in this centerpiece, which are substantially safer around dry leaves than regular candles.

Melissa of 320 Sycamore Blog fell in love with a classic Williams-Sonoma glass hurricane filled with autumn leaves in one of their catalogs, but didn’t want to have to pay a fortune to get it. Instead, she made a trip to her regional dollar store and discovered that a glass candlestick, a candle, and a crystal clear glass vase.

Melissa just hot glued them together, and stuffed them softly with leaves out of her backyard. Voila! A simple and affordable DIY version of a Williams-Sonoma classic.

In case you have kids, chances are they will want to help out with fall decorating. Myra at My Blessed Life came up with an idea to get a cute fall garland that is budget and kid-friendly.

To create Myra’s garland, first go out and find some great fall leaves. Then, put the leaves underneath a sheet of paper, and color over them with crayons in autumn colors. Cut each glue it and drawing out. Punch a hole in each piece, then string them up with ribbon or twine.

Amanda Hofmann of Amanda Hofmann Designs used a combination of organic materials with her hand-forged metal leaves to get this special and rustic garland.

Hofmann used a combination of acorns, birch disks, and black walnuts for this piece, and strung them up on hand-dyed natural fiber twine. Use whatever you can find in your backyard to recreate the exact same appearance! Real leaves, flowers in fall colors, bark, and pinecones would seem amazing strung on rustic twine.

Morgan at Pepper Design Blog kept it easy by framing colorful plastic leaves in bold black eyeglasses with a white wallpapers. Pressed dry leaves would work well and include a natural appearance, but there simply are not that many fall leaves in San Diego in which Morgan lives! Place leaves against a contrasting colored paper and framework for easy, elegant, and affordable autumn art.

Maure Briggs-Carrington made this gorgeous window piece, which looks to be an autumn-themed dream home. Placed between 2 sheets of touch paper, this fall artwork allows orange and crimson light to filter through the window. Cut contact paper to circles, sandwich the leaves between, and punch holes around the border. Carrington laced orange satin ribbon attaching the touch paper.

This gorgeous front door fall wreath was made by Allison at House of Hepworths, using materials that she found at her regional dollar store. Allison used fake leaves to make this piece last for over one season, but actual leaves would work as well. All you need is a decorative woven wreath foundation, assorted fall leaves, and a hot glue gun. Space out the leaves and use different colours to add visual attention, then use the hot glue gun to affix them to the wreath base.

Pam at Gingerbread and Snowflakes used old-fashioned Mod Podge to create this gorgeous candle holder. First she pressed and dried fall leaves immediately. After washing and drying out a mason jar, then she implemented Mod Podge all over it, pressed on the leaves on, and covered it all with another coat of Mod Podge. To make sure it’d remain, she let it dry thoroughly, applied a second coat of Mod Podge, dried immediately, then coated with an acrylic spray.
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