Design Dilemma: How to Make a Bedroom Workspace Fit

A good friend who owns a custom baking and sewing business mentioned lately that she is trying to figure out how to set up a home office area inside her bedroom she’s only a single wall and a slice of cupboard to work with. Although feng shui followers may disagree, I think few different rooms in the home lend themselves to hosting a workspace in addition to bedrooms.

Unlike in a kitchen, a living area or even a den, personal papers and materials stay personal in a bedroom, and distractions tend to be fewer. The trick, of course, is to create an office which doesn’t disrupt a bedroom’s restful sense or take more than its share of space. These homeowners and design experts have managed to think of a happy middle ground. Have a peek at how they made it work.

Gates Interior Design

A desk takes the location of a nightstand in this bedroom, however it blends so easily that it doesn’t instantly read as a work area. Keeping the end and style consistent with the mattress will help to integrate both visually, and also the large piece of art mounted over requires a number of the focus off the computer.

Tip: If you use a computer in a bedroom workspace, then think about a laptop model so you can tuck away it at bedtime — that way, you’ll be less tempted to test email in the wee hours.

Dayka Robinson Designs

This setup takes a similar tack. Trimming out the bulletin board with molding assists it feel like a thoughtful part of the design rather than an incidental.


Bedrooms are usually designed so that windows flank the most ordinary place to orient the mattress, which can make furniture placement tricky. If yours is the exact same way, pick a minimal desk which won’t obscure the sun and the views.

The key to this bedroom office: the glam mirrored desk, which combines into the space due to its reflectivity. Even though it’s perfectly practical, stylish sunglasses hide its workhorse side.

Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

A bay window produces a pure bump-out for slipping in a desk. If it’s in the budget, think about a similar remodel to acquire a few added feet of floor space.

If wall space is restricted, go vertical. Custom or prefab shelves, which you can paint the exact same colour as the walls, maximize every inch.

Causa Design Group

If you do not have a full wall to use, how about a corner? This desk warms what could happen to be a dead zone with no.

To create a gentle division between sleeping and working areas, think about a curtain which can be pulled between the two. This sheer version allows light from the window to filter through the bed.

Desk in the Bedroom: Yea or Nay?

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