Boards Strike a Note that is Top

Cornice boards are somewhat similar to the usual cloth window valance, however they’re constructed of timber. These architectural components can simply be painted for cost effectiveness, cushioned with foam and covered with cloth, or greatly sculpted and adorned with vases for a lavish appearance.

Take a look at these 11 magnificent cornices and helpful styling suggestions to inspire your next window treatments.

1. Painted wood. This timber cornice board has an applied molding around the top and bottom for added detail. The cornice board painted and then was primed.

Styling tip: Attempt to coordinate with your cornice board with your headboard for a cohesive appearance. Here, a paint color that is bright does the trick.

Harrison Design

2. Scalloped. Complete a little girl’s room with this feminine-infused cornice board with bottom scalloping. The fringe round the edge adds delicate texture.

Styling tip: Mix up cloth patterns in the area for a look that feels lively but not too “matchy.”

Laura Jens Sisino

3. Sculpted. Soften up any master bath with an extremely sculpted cornice board which has curves and cutouts. Here, two coordinating materials were used together with piping (fabric-covered cording) for an exact, tailored appearance.

Styling tip: Coordinate the colours of your cornice board with scatter rugs, towels and bathmats for a put-together toilet.

Visbeen Architects

4. Tufted. Nothing says elegant like a completely tufted cornice board with buttons. Install it on top of flowing sheers (lightweight and transparent curtains) for a panoramic feeling.

Styling tip: Be cautious — the buttons you add to this fashion of cornice board, the heaver the tufting becomes.

Cynthia Mason Interiors

5. High fashion. Up the ante of your great area’s aesthetic by adding a thoroughly stylized cornice board. This cornice board comprises a wooden molding, glass fringe, two fabrics and absolutely symmetrical tassels.

Styling tip: Use exactly the same cloth from one of your upholstered furniture pieces on the cornice board for visual uniformity.

Bellisa Design

6. Oversize. Create spectacular drama with an oversize painted cornice board with exaggerated edges. In this photo, the built-in window seat becomes a cozy reading nook sheltered by the cornice.

Styling tip: Paint a design on the front of your cornice for a whimsical and personal touch.

Olga Adler

7. Asian-inspired. This very tailored, slick cornice board is sophisticated and easy. An garment closed offers uniformity inside the area’s design.

Styling tip: attempt to use fitting design components in threes. Here, the color of the cornice board fabric fits the duvet cover and also the desk seat cushion.

LLC, Tiffany Eastman Interiors

8. Nailhead design. Traditionally utilized to tack furniture upholstery in to position, nailheads can be utilized as design elements too. They line up in perfect unison with this cornice to make an understated but traditional pattern.

Styling tip: Utilize nailheads on furniture in precisely the same area to make a reoccurring motif inside the space.

Siddons Design Team

9. Architectural effect. Make an architectural illusion by installing different cornice boards between your windows instead of over them. Within this picture, coordinating static cloth panels have been added as artificial columns.

Styling tip: Try using a large-pattern cloth for your cornice board instead of producing sculpted edges.

Maraya Interior Design

10. Theatrical. Add a visual functionality to any media room or in-home theater using a stunning cornice positioned over your viewing screen.

Styling tip: Produce your center stage by layering more cloth behind the cornice board, just like a real Broadway production.

Burnham Design

11. Banded. Complete an whole window treatment with a cornice board and matching draperies. All these cornice boards and draperies have a contrasting band of cloth in red for eye-popping appeal.

Styling tip: When incorporating cloth banding for your cornice board or draperies, use your room’s most important accent color to tie the whole space together.

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