Visionary Thinking Clicks With a San Francisco Entrepreneur

Once you find this colorful and inspiring residence, you won’t believe me when I describe the condition of the proprietor’s former studio apartment. “I’d put it this way: When he moved out, he attracted his sofa, among his only parts of furniture, to Goodwill to contribute,” says interior designer Paige Loczi of Loczidesign. “They rejected it.”

After overcoming a condition that had restricted his mobility, this active thirtysomething software engineer was ready for a house that celebrated his life where he could enjoy his success after years of hard work and selling his company. It would also be a location that will continue to inspire his imagination and vision.

“Vineet is a dynamic, visionary man in his prime. He’s had a great deal of success, and he loves being active: mountain climbing, running, kayaking and other activities,” says Loczi.One way she approached the design has been with input from her colleague, interior mapping expert Caroline Day.

Interior mapping is a procedure where the homeowner answers questions regarding his or her lifetime — base, accomplishments, goals, abilities and dreams. These outcomes are paired with a bagua map to help direct the elements of the plan. Here’s a look at this region of the layout works within the increased design of the new residence of Vineet.

in a Glance
Who lives here: A single entrepreneur
Location: Noe Valley area ofSan Francisco
Size: About 1,435 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, office


In concert with Day’s interior mapping, Loczi utilized geometry, colour and materials strategically throughout the house. The elements of earth, air, fire and water are balanced during the plan.

In the primary living area, she repeated trapezoidal and triangular shapes in the side tables, chandelier, carpeting, coffee table and sculptural floor lamp. Symbolically, these really are there to subtly remind Vineet that he is a visionary.

Chandelier: Kelly, Gabriel Scott; Shade: Zap, The Rug Company


An elaborate coffee table adds to the rhythm of trapezoids; the glass enables everyone to see as a lot of the carpet as you can and reflects the light. The base, which will be his independence of Vineet is represented by the top.

The sculptural piece in the border of the window is a Plexiglas floor lamp. Again, its silhouette plays off another trapezoidal geometries inside the room.


The color red reveals Vineet’s vitality and passion; this red wall serves as his awards wall. “This really is a subtle solution to hanging up his PhD diploma and other achievements,” Loczi says.

Loczi introduced Vineet to the work of local artists, including Tahiti Pehrson, who made this 4- by 10-foot cut paper bit. The artwork connects to another geometric pieces inside the room and balances the dimensions and color of their awards wall.


“Vineet is from India, so the vibrant color palette is Indian reminiscent without actually referencing India; it’s my interpretation of a contemporary sari,” Loczi says. The color orange represents joy.


The living room is open to the dining area and kitchen, which makes the house feel spacious and larger. When you look closely during the narrow window on the left, then you can see a vertical garden on a deck away from the study.

The dining table’s base repeats triangular shapes, and the surface is steel encased in resin. The dining table chairs bring in more color.

Pendants: Conquer Light, Tom Dixon; chairs: Chabada, Roche Bobois; dining table: Wüd


The kitchen cabinets and refrigerator blend together, thanks to their warm walnut veneers, and a marble backsplash provides a subtle natural pattern. A waterfall-style Caesarstone counter around the island adds to the sense of fluidity.


Vineet’s study, behind the kitchen, has calming grey walls, but because this is the relationship and connectivity region of the house, Loczi painted the ceiling magenta and fuchsia.


Loczi picked and oriented Tina Sedonne’s wood and steel “Air and Fire” sculpture with energy in your mind. “Winding up the stairs is a long, lively passing; the sculpture turns that energy and shoots you into the space,” she says.


This is Vineet master bedroom. In here the majority of the elements represent calming water, from the indigo walls to the driftwood and furnishings reminiscent of waves. The blue is thought to promote contemplation, intellect, clarity and imagination.

“I would usually never choose a bedroom set all from precisely the exact same designer, but I couldn’t help myself with Tod Von Mertens’ bed, nightstands and lamps,” Loczi says. Their symmetry and also the delicate gradation of grays and tans adds to the pleasing calmness.

Bed, nightstands, lamps: Tod Von Mertens; overhead light fixture: LZF; carpeting, bedding: Calvin Klein; seat: classic Pearsall


Low-maintenance succulents add life to the deck off Vineet’s bedroom; the planters’ square contours represent Vineet’s independence. This deck also has a fountain, adding another water element.


This bedroom serves as a second master and also a guest room. “Vineet sleeps in the two bedrooms; it all depends on which side of the house he wants to wake up on,” Loczi says.

The wrapped background above the bed resembles a corner window, adding to the spacious feeling. This bedroom is more lighter and airier than the heavy blue master bedroom, which gives it a sense of spirituality.

Wallpaper: Eskayel; bedding: Calvin Klein


Up on the roof deck, circles remind Vineet of his inherent strengths and to be true to himself.Since this image has been taken, a living roof was implanted just off the left corner in which the railings meet.

“While interior mapping is not right for everybody, it may add a layer of meaning and intention to a design,” Loczi says. “However, keep in mind that it doesn’t take the place of good layout; you still need to understand scale, space, materials, color and more.”

Vineet was open to each of the things that currently make his house unique, she says, “including discovering local artists, an appreciation of artisans, agreeing to the dwelling wall and roof … he was a joy to use.” The most important result is Vineet’s own view: “I just love coming home every day,” he says.

Drum stool, table, ottoman: Bend Seating; daybed: Maison Bertet; bolster fabric: Trina Turk

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