Off the Wall: 9 Clever Ways to Ease Into Wallpaper

I realize there are still people who associate wallpaper with the Brady Bunch. But, the wallpaper revolution is in full swing, and the thousands of fresh, modern designs are showing up all over the place. Background is into the 21st century what the painted accent wall was on the’90s. But perhaps you’re a commitment-phobe. Or you lease. Not to worry. You too can be more on-trend. Here are nine strategies to ease you into routine, whimsy, and colour. Relax, this will not hurt a little.

Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc

This patchwork doorway appears to have been created entirely from wallpaper samples. It is like Little House on the Prairie meets Etsy DIYer. With just a tiny bit of victoriana blended in for good measure.

If you’re fearful of wallpaper glue, use a fantastic double-stick tape. It is powerful enough to maintain the panels.

Vanessa De Vargas

I understand art pupils shudder when told their masterpieces look like wallpaper. However, you could do a lot worse. Large framed panels produce a fresh, symmetrical backdrop. And if you get tired of it, you always have the option to switch patterns.


Putting Cole & Sons modern-classic Woods wallpaper on the kick plates give this staircase an etherial feel, as though you’re just drifting up to bed.

If you truly wish to create that secondhand dresser you bought look spiffy, proceed a step further than a coat of paint. Cover the drawers in wallpaper and, for heaven’s sake, splurge on some nice pulls.


The fantastic news is: you don’t need to cut them out yourself. You can order many different animals in many different patterns. What child wouldn’t need a wallpaper menagerie migrating through their bedroom?

Allison Cosmos

Ok, so that was made with paint. But there isn’t any reason that you could not produce a similar effect with wallpaper. You will just need to stick to a interior door.

Janell Beals – House of Fifty

From papering only the chimney area the designer highlights the three-dimensionality of the space. It gives the whole room texture. And it eliminates any bit of Wild West that skull might have thought about bringing in the mixture.


If my dream life can include a craft corner, then it can also include a gorgeous wallpapered craft nook. This helps demarcate a tiny space. Plus, it is just quite pretty.


Map Lampshade by ECLU – $89

This Etsy lampshade was made from a map (and someone with a lot of time). You could easily recreate it using wallpaper scraps. “Easily” is a relative term .

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