On film theaters, music venues and resorts, a marquee is a projected awning with daring signage which lights the entry. The materials employed for the very first awnings historically were plastic and glass, which were inexpensive and not restricted throughout World War II, when metal was rare. Back in England “marquee” refers to a large tent.

The marquee is your awning above the entrance to theatres and resorts. Bold lights and easy-to-read signals catch the eye of passersby.

Designtech Custom Interiors

This home theater’s projected awning is really a mock marquee. With flashing lights and a very lively spin on a favorite restaurant, it’s a stunning entry really.

The Evans Group

Marquees became a status symbol for the film industry soon after their invention, and celebrities dreamed of seeing their name “in lights.” The stars of the home stage have attained fame, at least locally, early in their career.

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Architects of marquees for movie theaters and resorts aim to make visual signals which may be read easily from a moving car.

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On a web page, the marquee is the scrolling area of text, named following the flashing lights surrounding a construction marquee. The vanity mirror of the home theatre’s powder room features marquee lights.

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This house theatre’s marquee leads the way to a “manned” ticket booth.

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Sports arenas also utilize marquees to advertise upcoming events.

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