How to Water Coneflowers (Echinacea)

For for pretty much year round interest, choose coneflowers (echinacea) for your perennial beds and borders. These flowers bloom reliably until fall. The foliage dies back as well as subsequent to the blossoms ultimately fade, the desirable seed heads entice birds that are foraging . The flowers attract bees and butterflies . Coneflowers prosper in with standing nearly every environment both warmth and cool. Although drought-tolerant, coneflowers bloom greatest with moisture-management that is cautious and constant watering.

Spread a 2 inch layer of mulch, like bark, on the mattress after planting. By slowing the method, mulch retains soil moisture. Replenish the layer to the 2 inch depth each spring following development is resumed by the coneflowers.

Irrigate around once-weekly during dry climate, supplying as much as an inch of water. If an inch of rain has fallen in the prior 10 times coneflowers usually need no irrigation during wet climate.

Water in the root of the plant, wetting the soil and perhaps not the coneflower foliage. Water seriously and slowly therefore the moisture penetrates deep to the soil. Coneflowers have tap-roots that are long therefore the soil should feel somewhat moist to at least a 6 inch depth.

Supply irrigation prior to the heat of the day in the morning so the water has time causes evaporation. Early watering guarantees any dampness on the plant evaporates before night-fall, which minimizes the possibility of infections.

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