Bathrooms Awash in Black and White Tile

In today’s baths, white is the standard choice for fittings like bathrooms and bathrooms. When it comes to flooring tile layout, there’s a greater assortment of options, but white and black is always a good bet. The classic blend of ebony and ivory has many benefits: It will never go out of style (unlike, oh, say the pink and turquoise tiles of the ’50s or the avocado ones of the ’70s); it fits with almost any wall color you might choose; it looks crisp and clean; and it is neutral enough that many buyers will enjoy it — or at least not hate it — once you resell your house.

Dark and white floor tiles also happen to be economical and often available at home improvement stores and tile centers. Plus, there are many designs from which to choose. Here are 10 baths, all comprising black and white floor tile to inspire your space.

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Brennan + Company Architects

With wood doorways, classic doorknobs and tongue-and-groove wainscoting, this bathroom has a slightly vintage feel, which can be enhanced by the white and black hexagon floor tile. Brennan + Company Architects upped the interest by adding a black border round the floor’s perimeter.


White and Black feels springlike when paired with a celery-green wall color. This bathroom picks up the theme in the towels and the shower curtain, which can be both accented with thin black stripes.

The Sky is the Limit Design

In this contemporary bathroom, a classic hexagonal floor tile is paired with black cabinetry, and it can be a surprising and contemporary choice for the bathroom. A light neutral wall color and white trim keep the room from appearing too dim; natural light and a large window also help keep things light and airy.

De Meza + Architecture

This bathroom by De Meza + Architects gives white and black a fresh new look with mosaic tile.

Sustainable Home

A classic octagonal tile is the perfect counterpoint to a contemporary stripe of mosaic tile in the shower surround in this bathroom by Sustainable Home of Palo Alto, California. Designer Kristen Flynn notes that the mosaic is an affordable alternative by Dal-Tile.

Haus Interior Design

The combination of black and white flooring tile, crisp subway tile and a classic marble-topped sink vanity gives this toilet a timeless feel. Incredibly, designer Kirsten Anthony Kaplan says that the toilet was completed in just a week or two, using mostly stuff her contractor had onsite in the house.

HighCraft Builders

White and black takes a contemporary twist in this layout by HighCraft Builders. A floor of mainly white tiles with small dots of black suits the white and black sink vanity, the ebony medicine cabinet and the shower tiles.

Clay Squared to Infinity

This gorgeous claw-foot bathtub is handsomely surrounded by a white and black floor tile border. The tiling is at a Greek key pattern, and it was probably laid by a tiling specialist. A slim border of black pencil liner increases the theme.

Goforth Gill Architects

A white and black checkerboard effect lends graphic punch to this toilet by Goforth Gill Architects. Although it is more common to see this design in the kitchen, the appearance works as well in the bath.

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