A Rainbow of Colorful Kitchen Stools

In most homes, the kitchen is the heart of the action. Stools are the perfect laid-back seat to pull until the island or counter and hang out while the cook at the household whips up a meal. So many components of a kitchen are usually neutral — black granite countertops, stainless appliances, wood or white painted cabinets, subway backsplash. Picking a colour for your kitchen stools turns them in a bright accent contrary to most of the neutrals. Here’s inspiration from kitchens which feature vibrant stools and, just for fun, we place them in rainbow sequence.

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Rethink Design Studio

Red. These Tolix reddish metallic stools instantly catch your attention. The same as the perfect red lipstick, the red stools awaken this mainly white kitchen.

Lori Gilder

Vintage red farmhouse stools add a dash of colour, but they are more toned down in vibrancy than metal stools. These wooden stools are the perfect match for this more traditional kitchen.

Andre Rothblatt Architecture

This kitchen feels like a very inviting place to be. The red stools occupy a tiny footprint and add a dash of colour to this simply lovely kitchen space.

David Sharff Architect, P.C.

Orange. These mod orange stools are super bright — yet they are not overpowering since the wood cabinetry in this kitchen comes with an orange color to the wood stain.

Vision Remodeling & Homes

Here’s another example of orange stools in a kitchen island. The colour works as an accent colour in this kitchen.

Hint : Orange is a great color pick to get a more modern kitchen. The bright color warms up a slick kitchen, but doesn’t look jarring next to all the shiny stainless and modern cabinetry.

Heffel Balagno Design Consultants

Yellow. This yellowish nearly reads neon. From the sea of white and black, the stools would be the 1 area of colour, adding heat to the space.

Julie Williams Design

Green. This kitchen has a great deal of wood cabinetry — you see the same colour wood from ceiling to the ground. The green stools include character.

Tracy Miller/Miller Greene Design Studio

Blue. These blue stools pick up on the blue backsplash above the stove. This kitchen feels both modern and classic, and this shade of blue fits right in.

Hint : Before you purchase stools for your kitchen counter or island, make sure you measure your counter elevation. You want to be certain to leave space for knees to comfortably fit under the countertop.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

Violet. These purple stools are probably my favorite of this group, and not just because purple is just one of my favorite colors. It is an unexpected colour choice on a more classic farmhouse stool. The purple stools include a little bohemian-modern style.

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