What Color Do You Paint a Dining Room With Oak Cabinets?

Each type of wood species has grain designs and identifying undertones that certain colors can be match or enhance. Pure oak’s undertones vary to amber and golden hues of honey. Contrast is created by colors while warmer colors enhance the warmth of the wood. The main color to prevent in a room with oak trim or furnishings is yellowish. Yellow tends to wash out the coloring of oak and a number of colors and the wood may clash.

Playing It Cool

Make a contrast that is cozy with blue on the walls. Walls provide a look and balance out the amber hues of honey-toned oak. If you would like the room to feel more spacious, go with a shade. In case your style is more traditional or state, use colors of lavender. Purple is the complementary opposite of yellowish. Lavender fits in French-country or cabin color schemes and contrasts against the creamy undertones of cabinetry.

Maintaining Grounded

Earth tones go together with wood furnishings, and green specifically brings to mind earthy hues of woods. Greens such as sage and olive work nicely with contemporary furnishings and complement oak dining-room cabinetry. Use hues such as emerald green or forest green if you prefer a starker contrast.

Staying Warm

Dining rooms commonly are painted red — and for good reason. Red carries a whole lot of energy and is thought to stimulate the appetite. To boost the tones of cabinets, think about a deep burgundy hue. Gold and burgundy create a combination that is striking, especially in formal rooms with upscale-style furnishings. Pick up the burgundy as an accent in a room rug or a table runner.

Remaining Neutral

The cool tones of stone gray with undertones or charcoal grey complement yellow undertones of oak. Opt for light- trim as opposed to glowing white; beige enhances lighter-toned oak. White walls, that are inclined to wash out oak color, add a bit of warmth to the area with khaki taupe or mushroom hues on walls.

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