Try a Copper Sink

To get a fast, easy and dramatic makeover, then consider replacing your kitchen sink to get a copper one. Hand shaped, a copper sink may add character using its own color, form and ever-changing patina. It’s famous for its sanitary advantages (germs can endure copper just for a matter of hours), and plain old warm, sterile water cleans it all best. Copper is continually changing color and developing attention and variation with time, however you can slow down this process using automobile wax treatments a couple of times a year. Whether your kitchen is rustic, traditional or eclectic, a copper sink will do the job superbly and will certainly work as a conversation piece.

JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

This Austin, Texas, kitchen includes both a massive aluminum backsplash and a tiny matching bar sink in the island.

UB Kitchens

This rich copper sink brings out the rust color of the grout in the arabesque tile backsplash.

JacksonBuilt Custom Homes

General builder Richard Jackson constructed this port hood from wood and finished it with copper-colored paint to match the kitchen’s copper apron sink.

Mal Corboy Design

This gorgeous mixed-metal kitchen includes a polished-nickel faucet alongside a copper apron sink.

Natalie DiSalvo

Copper for the stove hood, apron counter and sink unites stainless steel appliances in this dramatic mixed-metal kitchen.

Turan Designs, Inc..

Doing dishes is anything but a chore if a kitchen window allows you drift off into the perspective past the copper sink.

Copper looks beautiful in rustic settings, especially paired with custom reclaimed wood cabinets.

Venegas and Company

Copper is referred to as a malleable material; it can be hammered while still retaining its strength.

More ways to use copper in your Residence

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