The best way to Install a Pet Door in Exterior Garage Doors

Pet doors for the garage provide comfort for your pet as well as you, enabling your pet to come and go as it pleases whilst you’re abroad. Installing a pet door requires several hours of some basic resources and of your energy, and also you may also customize the dimensions of the do-or to your pet. Not only will your pet be more happy, the door that is pet will decrease the quantity of wear and tear on the door from opening and closing to allow the pet out and in and decrease the inclination of the pet to scratch in the door.

Measure the height of your pet to the very best of his shoulder-blade in the underside of his paw. Run a bit of masking tape on the other side of the garage door only at that height.

Measure the width of your pet from shoulder to shoulder. You may need to buy a pet do or the width of your pet plus 2″ of additional space on every side.

Measure the width of the garage-door and divide by two. Mark the middle stage.

Use masking tape to create a perpendicular line in the base of the garage-door up to the peak of your pet.

Use the pencil to create a perpendicular line on the other side of the garage door only at that height, drawing on the tape you puton the do-or.

Measure the width of the do-or that is pet and divide it by 2 to get the middle of the do or.

Align the middle point-of the pet do or with the middle point-of the garage do or.

Use your pencil to t Race the rectangle of the form of the do or on the garagedoor.

Put on your security goggles and use the drill as well as the 1/4inch drillbit to generate holes through the corners of the do-or tracing. Keep the drill while drilling that is vertical. Drill every one of the way.

Take off the 1/4inch drillbit and substitute it with the 3/8-drill-bit.

Drill half-way through the sam e hole through the door, utilizing the drillbit that is greater.

Turn over the do or and end by drilling through the backside of the do or, enlarging the hole. By finishing the hole enlargement during another side and turning over the door, it is possible to prevent splintering of the wood.

Use the jig-saw to minimize the door-opening out, utilizing the lines that are template on the do or.

Lay exterior caulking around all three sides of the door-opening that is pet.

Push the the outside body of the do-or body in to location.

Wipe any excessive caulking off.

Push in the pet door-frame that is the inside. Use the screw-driver to screw the do-or together with the supplied screws in to location. If no screws were provided, use 3/4 inch wood screws.

Slide the the inner safety panel in to spot when you’re not a-T residence or to stop your your pet from utilizing the do-or a T evening. The protection panel will assist stop vermin.

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