The best way to Grow a Trailing African Violet

Trailing African Violets are cousins to the conventional, African violet that is common, as well as of caring for both the process is almost similar. Trailing African Violets vary from the development routine mainly to look at, exhibiting cascading, downward-expanding branches as opposed to the bushy development of the plant that is conventional. Just like the common African Violet crops spread abundantly, creating masses of long lasting blooms that include year round colour and elegance to the house atmosphere.

Purchase a youthful Trailing African Violet in greenhouse or a nursery specializing in crops.

Plant the violet in a pot stuffed with planting medium that was commercial especially formulated for African Violets. Make sure that the pot has a hole in the bottom avoid the roots and to facilitate drainage.

Place the violet in bright sunlight. As an example, place the plant before a north-facing window, or roughly 3-feet away from a south or west-facing window. While slim, deep-green leaves are a signal the plant is not getting enough light, sunlight is indicated by pale leaves.

Water your Trailing African Violet with room-temperature water the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. Add enough water to trickle through the hole, and allow the pot to drain. Discard water in the saucer and never permit the pot.

Keep the plant in a space between 75 F and 65. Blooming is paid off while the plant tolerates temperatures as little as 60 degrees and as high as 85 degrees.

Fertilize the Trailing African Violet with each normal watering. Use a fertilizer designed for for crops that are blooming, but dilute it to one fourth the ratio suggested on the fertilizer container. Leaves using a rusty look show the fertilizer mixture is also powerful.

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