Rocking Chairs and Gliders for Your Nursery and Beyond

Could it be that the nursery is one of the more difficult rooms to design and arrange? New parents are so enthusiastic about expecting that “they love what they visit,” says Pasadena, California, interior designer Amy Peltier. They often find it hard to edit selections. Also, many new parents turn to nursery stores, which typically carry animal-print and pastel fabrics. However, Peltier says she enjoys “maturing the nursery,” which means she often chooses mature carpets, drapes, bedding and even furniture like rocking chairs and gliders. Let us start with that all-important chair at which you may be spending a lot of your time.

In addition to her interior design business, Peltier runs an e-design store, Petit Peltier, focusing on nurseries. But she speaks from personal experience; she is the mom of a toddler. “I am partial to the Adelaide Rocker, not only because it’s the one I have but because it’s comfortable, classic and easy,” she says.

It’s high priced. Normally, the longer you invest on the seat, the more choices, Peltier says. This one comes with 59 fabric choices, a dozen complete choices and four nailhead choices. “I will move it to any room in my house after I need it in the nursery school,” she says.

Emily McCall

The Empire Rocker has intense style, Peltier says. It’s classic but leans contemporary, with its wingback layout and tufts.

Alykhan Velji Design

The drawback is that it comes in only three colors in microsuede. Peltier notes that three choices are easy to use and are extremely impartial.

Nicole Lanteri Design

When I saw this seat, I needed one for my living room. And, sure enough, prior to the owners had a baby, it dwelt elsewhere in their residence. They had it turned to a glider and worked to the nursery, says designer Nicole Lanteri.

For people starting from scratch, Lanteri recommends searching for a headrest high enough for both parents to utilize and armrests which have a comfortable height and contour.

Also, darker fabrics aren’t necessarily better. “Milk stains can reveal more on people and be harder to wash. Leather is excellent if you like that look and feel,” she says.

MJ Lanphier

The rocker from the nursery is undoubtedly a case of “comfort over form,” says designer M.J. Lanphier. His advice? “Try it out”

For this nursery in Los Angeles, Lanphier went shopping with his clients in Bel Bambini. “The clients chose the rocker on the spot, and we picked the fabric together.” (Lanphier does not know the seat type, but it looks similar to the Luca and to the Grazia, that is truly a swivel.)

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While your choice will be steered by comfort and price, it’s wonderful to think longer term, Peltier says, especially because of the money you’re spending. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to transition the seat into another area? Look at this nursery. The maturing didn’t stop in the seat: Take out the crib, and you can almost envision a library in this household’s future.

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Hathaway Swivel Glider – $999

2 More Great Chairs

Peltier enjoys this Hathaway Swivel Glider because of its size, comfort, price and fabric options. “You just sink to this rocker, nevertheless it is very small scale for all those who have a tighter floor plan,” she says. It comes in two inventory materials and 13 special-order cloths; you can even choose a slipcover for easy cleaning.


Rockabye Glider Co.. Velvet Lara Glider Chair, Steel Gray – $449.99

An economical, nondescript rocker that can sway modern, the Rockabye Glider Co.. Velvet Lara Glider Chair is solid, Peltier says. There are only four fabric alternatives, but for those on a budget, that is a fantastic chair.

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