How to Soundproof a Sink

Many metal sinks at the kitchens and busboy stations of finer restaurants are soundproofed to decrease noise. As a homeowner, you can lessen the noises made by plates and cookware at a stainless-steel or copper sink by insulating the underside of the sink. 1 method is thoroughly cleaning the underside with solvent and attaching bits of mass-loaded vinyl insulation using adhesive. But, you can save yourself time, costs and obtain the exact same result with a can or two of polyurethane foam insulation that provides an inexpensive, one-step soundproofing.

Remove all items from the under-sink cabinet. Crimp sheets of paper around rubber seams for a hand-held sink sprayer, dishwasher hose and flexible supply lines to get your hot and cold water. Secure the paper in the seams with some wraps of masking tape.

Wrap paper around a trash disposal, if applicable, and secure it with tape.

Put on safety glasses and a dust mask. Shake a can of polyurethane spray foam insulation as directed and eliminate the cap.

Begin at the rear of the sink. Use uniform strokes with the can and spray on a coating if insulation on the back side of the sink bowl, or even bowls on a double sink.

Spray on a layer in the outer surfaces of the bowl, along with the channel between the cups on a double sink.

Spray the foam on the underside of the single bowl, either or even both bowls on a double sink. Spray on a light coat across the underside of the sink.

Permit the insulating material to heal for one hour and eliminate the paper at the seams and trash disposal.

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