Dreaming in Colour: 8 Pretty-in-Pink Bedrooms

I was lately paging through design writer Jude Stewart’s new book ROY G. BIV: A Exceedingly Surprising Novel About Color and was really amazed to learn that it’s only been within the past 60 years or so that we’ve correlated pink with girls and blue together with boys. In fact, before this period of time, boys were dressed in pink (viewed as a softer version of the “masculine” reddish), and girls in soft blues.

Gender-based color conventions aside, pink is a fun, versatile hue that also happens to flatter most skin tones, making it a fantastic choice in bathrooms and bedrooms — in which people get dressed and primp and preen. To help you become inspired to think pink, I have pulled together an assortment of beautiful pink bedrooms together with tips for using the hue in your own room.

Kate Thornley-Hall

Proceed impact that is high . The floral accents on the wall really pop from the pink background within this fun bedroom. It is wise to keep the palette easy with such a bold shade dominating the room.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get a similar look with Fuchsia Saved from Behr.

Encore Construction

This shade of pink features a bit of brown, making it less pastel and much more neutral. It is a sophisticated soft pink for grownups. Paired with lots of white-painted wood, the room has an enchanting and comfy vibe — ideal for a guest room.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get the Appearance with Innocence from Sherwin-Williams.

Fabrizia Frezza Architecture & Interiors

Make your headboard wall an accent wall with the addition of a splash of shocking pink through paint, wallpaper or fabric. Pick up the hue in bits and pieces around the room for equilibrium and visual rhythm.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get a similar look with Wild Mulberry from Pittsburgh Paints.

Clean Design

I love the contrast between the sweet pale pink on the wall and the smattering of punchy blue, pink and hot pink. This is a fun palette for a kid’s room.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get the Appearance with Ribbon Pink from Benjamin Moore.


Go glam with a pink-hued wall covering one wall in your bedroom. Pick up the color on an adjacent wall to balance it out. This room showcases among my favorite bedroom color palettes: pink, pink, orange and white.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get an identical look with Bed of Roses from Pratt & Lambert.

KBI Interior Design Studios

Here’s a second fetching pink wall covering, used to create a fantastic accent headboard wall that anchors the bed. This particular pink has a bit of purple, which makes it a more sophisticated, royal texture. Again, there was a pink hue pulled from the wall covering and painted onto the walls. This lighter pink wall shade well bridges the white and darker pink colors in the room.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get a similar look with Pink Lady and Raspberry Ice, both from Mythic Paints.

Millbrook Circle Interior Design

Don’t overlook your bedroom and closet as areas to add fun color. Just remember that colors often appear darker on the ceiling walls due to how light strikes different airplanes. Closet walls, also, are usually not lit in addition to bedroom walls. If you discover a color you like but need to go a smidge lighter, you can have your paint retailer lighten it. The pink paint color you see here has been knocked down to 75 percent strength.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get the Appearance with Pink Ruffle from Benjamin Moore. (Note: The color was lightened to 75 percent strength in the previous bedroom image.)

Page 2 Design

If you by chance have a stunning view from your bedroom window, you can make it really stand out by cladding your bedroom at a complementary shade — a hue opposite on the color wheel. Orangish-pink is a complement to greenish-blue, therefore this wall shade frames and showcases the sea view perfectly.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get a similar look with Peppermint Pink from Glidden.

Tell us : What do you think of pink for the bedrooms?

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