Decorate With Intention: End That Room!

We have all been there — you want to get a room pulled together, but it is just not happening. After the paint swatches (none of these only right) have been on the wall for weeks, your images are still waiting to be hung or your space just does not feel complete, it is time to get to the bottom of the issue so it is possible to eventually complete that space. From colour quandaries to jumble, we’ll have a look at five of the most common roadblocks and ways to overcome them once and for all.

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Roadblock 1: Color is all over the map.

If your space is really a hodgepodge of colors and patterns, the fantastic news that’s you are probably not frightened of using colour. Really, that is great news — most people hem and haw for weeks about which shade of white paint to use! The trick to completing your space is to tighten up the colour palette on your room, zeroing in on certain colors and tossing (or moving into a different room) what does not match.

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Use your camera for a fresh perspective. Try taking photographs of each item on your room. Then print the images and play with various arrangements on a big bulletin board, or spread them out on a desk. Looking at photographs can help give you distance, which means that you may make decisions about what looks best without letting your feelings for your possessions take over your decision-making process.

Focus only on colour. Then, as soon as you’ve winnowed the bits down to a colour palette you like, note which bits on your room no longer match with the new scheme and make a list of items to add. Bonus: It is possible to bring your photographs with you when you are out shopping to quickly and easily match colors and prints.

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Roadblock 2: I’ve lived here for years, but it seems like I just transferred in.

This is such a common issue, and you can find as many causes of it as there are individuals — maybe you are waiting to put up artwork until you’ve chosen the “perfect” paint colour, or you are really busy at work and don’t have the opportunity to face decorating choices, or maybe this is not your ideal home and you keep thinking you’ll wait to decorate if you proceed.

Regardless of the reason, it is crucial that you understand that using a warm, serene, comfortable home is important to us all, and you deserve to get that now, not in some unknown future time. The first step is to simply acknowledge that you want a “homier” house and commit to doing something about it.

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Think about designing your space in layers. When you are attempting to take your house from bare and vacant to warm and inviting, the process can feel a bit overwhelming. Tackling one layer at a time can make the job feel more manageable. And if you get stuck on one decision (such as paint colour), just proceed and come back to it later — don’t let it paralyze you.

The layers:
Rugs, window coverings and paint
Lighting (aim for at least three light sources per room)
Soft material: cushions, throws and bedding
Finishing touches: artwork, mirrors, publications and plants

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Roadblock 3: My family is so messy, I don’t know where to start.

It is possible to have a fun, stylish house with kids in the house, but there is no point in tackling any additional decorating projects when clutter is spilling out of each corner. Put aside a whole weekend to peel down and donate unwanted things, or do a little bit each day — the most important part is to actually eliminate some things before you try to organize it. When you are starting with less, the arranging process will be easier.

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After the jumble is (kind of) based on try at least one of those strategies for reducing the clutter daily:
Add hooks supporting each door.Swap out coffee tables and benches for versions with hidden storage inside.Try carpet tiles instead of a rug — you can easily replace individual tiles if they become stained or damaged.Choose slipcovered or stain-resistant upholstered pieces.Start a 10-minute tidy-up period each evening that the whole family participates in — place on music and try to make it fun, or do it after supper with the guarantee of dessert as an incentive.

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Roadblock 4: An all-neutral plot feels dull.

I count myself among the legions of men and women who adore neutral or all-white color schemes, since they seem so foolproof — they are. But sometimes all of that beige and cream starts to feel a little too predictable. If you are prepared to shake up things a bit, first take a moment to think about what it is exactly that’s bothering you about the room now.

Do you enjoy the neutral colors but need more of a wow factor? A single particular bit, such as an oversize mirror having an interesting form or a piece of artwork you love, could be all you need to add. Or try adding attachments together with metallic shimmer. Platinum, silver or gold will add a rich, high quality quality which elevates the neutrals about it.

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More ways to invigorate your unbiased plot:
Choose one bright colour to add in small doses — a couple red pillows, a basket, a vase of flowers. Just enough to wake things up.Paint a single accent wall a fun colour. It’s simple enough to paint over one wall if you hate it, and that wall could motivate you to continue choosing more colour.
Deepen the neutral plot with painted walls along with a brand new rug. When it’s the pale, washed-out feeling you are trying to avoid, bringing in deeper, richer neutrals such as charcoal or espresso could be just the thing. The floors and walls cover the maximum area, therefore using colour there will make a big effects.

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Roadblock 5: Fear of getting it “wrong.”

This is maybe the most common fear of when it comes to decorating. None of us is perfect, and even professionals sometimes make purchases that they regret or have a difficult time finding just the correct piece to complete a space.

The important thing to remember is, this is that your house. It doesn’t have to please anyone but you. It feels great to proceed — you can always change things later.

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