Crafty Homes Unleash a Wildly Creative Spirit

You do not have to be a glue gun genius or a sewing superstar to have a crafty house. And you definitely don’t require a 500-square-foot craft room. Is a sense of experience, some imagination and a little DIY gumption.

To me a crafty home is deeply personal. It’s not about gluing ribbon on everything or decoupaging the wastebasket (even go to it if you would like to do these things). It is about unique pieces that reflect the resident’s specific aesthetic. And it is about a can-do mindset. It is homemade headboards, weird collections, layered fabrics and going your own way.

Some of these 18 photos are of particular craft jobs, others simply reflect a crafty DIY aesthetic — vibrant, dull and beautiful.

Nicole Lanteri Design

A crafty home is an eclectic house. And an old seat with a few bright new cloth is a sure sign you’ve entered the house of somebody who knows their way around a staple gun.

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Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc

Good ideas, such as painting the stairs spring green, coupled together with found objects, such as this old cabinet that has been stripped to shabby chic perfection, are important craftiness indicators.

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A room that is never resembles something you could walk into a shop and purchase. It is always one of a kind and highly private.


Matching, but not precisely. These chairs, painted and upholstered to accommodate one another, are trendy and fun and likely cost less than $150 all together.

A creative mind at work’s signs are everywhere.


Eclectic, vibrant and slightly kooky (notice the dress in the dining room and the desk lamp onto the table).

Michelle Hinckley

The crafty version of a conventional space: elegant but using a homemade touch.

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Ida Lifestyle

Bright colors, handmade objects and found furniture, all united with intention and forethought.

Moving Home To Roost

The quirky with the mundane: an Ikea console covered in a glowing runner, a Craftsman sofa facing a modern couch, old-fashioned quilts and modern patterns. It is a mishmash that operates.

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Holly Marder

Use your talents for good: Would you sew, knit, crochet or build? Put your skills to work in your house. I adore this white space with stains of vibrant crochet. It is a modern version of Grandma’s home.

Monica Ewing

Clever, Crafty Projects

Embellish a very simple paper lantern using pom-poms or other trim.

Art in the regular: a paint-chip collage.

Harper Design from HarperCollins Publishers

Homemade balloon colors: simply ribbon and cloth.


A previously weathered brown planter dipped in yellow paint becomes a beautiful modern bit.


A classic suitcase with a pillow and a few legs is a supercute dog mattress.

Michelle Hinckley

An old frame with corkboard instead of artwork produces a fun and elegant spot to tack ephemera.

Crafty types know that objects have lots of applications. There’s no reason a tiered serving dish can’t hold jewelry.

A grid of leaf prints becomes a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.

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