Breakthrough Budgeting Info: The Real Price Finder Is Here

No matter what your house remodeling budget — small, average, sky’s the limit — it is important to have a plan. Home jobs can be filled with unexpected costs, and the prices people pay for things like labor and materials vary from town to city. A recent survey showed that over 40 percent of people who tackle a house remodel go over budget. And 28 percent state that adhering to a budget is a challenge. So would not it be beneficial if you could find out what remodeling a home or room prices in town?

has created a new interactive tool that assists U.S. homeowners do precisely that. It’s called the Real Cost Finder. Want to learn what the average kitchen remodel prices in your region? Just click on your town, and a sliding-scale picture will provide you information concerning the average cost of various types of home remodeling jobs, the average home cost, the percentage of individuals who hired a specialist to get their jobs and much more.

The Real Cost Finder is fully integrated with the rest of . Relevant product info, guides and ideabooks in addition to listings of local professionals that will help you take a job ahead will surface also.

Here is the way to use the tool.

Type simply or in your town click on the bubble of your city. You can also toggle between city and state by clicking the button near the top of this map.

Highlight different job types on the left to change the information you see. Check out exactly what an entire house remodel project prices in town — or at any other city or state from the U.S.. You might also get cost information on specific job types like kitchen, bath, media room, roof, siding and more.

Cost info is displayed on the sliding-scale picture, which comprises the average cost in your town and what others in town paid on the lower and higher ends.

This case proves that a media room remodel at New York City averages $12,229. On the lower end, individuals paid $2,000, and also on the higher end they paid approximately $29,000. (The top 5 percent paid $88,333.)

Directly under the scale is info regarding the percent of individuals who hired a specialist, average home cost, household income and the way different jobs rank concerning number completed throughout the nation. For example, the number-one town in the nation for media room remodels is Salt Lake City. In New York City media rooms rank 16th while kitchens rank fourth.

Below the sliding scale you will find popular inspirational photos for most project types in this town.

Click on the Products tab at the top to see a variety of products at different price points — non, middle and high end are divided into three columns — to get everything from bar stools to kitchen cabinets. This will allow you to see how product choice, like finishes and materials, can impact your overall budget. You can also toggle between contemporary and traditional styles. This case shows products for a contemporary bedroom.

In the Guides section you’ll find remodeling ideabooks composed by industry professionals and ‘s editorial team that will help you navigate the remodeling procedure. Under the Complete House Remodel job type, the Real Cost Finder shows ideabooks like 11 Things to Expect With Your Remodel and Things to Look for in a Contractor’s Contract.

You can also look for local professionals specializing in various remodeling job types. Select your project type on the left, enter your town and click the Professionals tab to navigate remodelers, designers and other skilled laborers, just like in our online directory. This case shows toilet remodeling professionals at Palo Alto, California.

Experience the Real Cost Finder now.

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