Best 2017 Home Remodeling Trends

The year 2017 has been a very exciting one when it comes to home remodeling trends. Stamford handyman became more design-centric with a focus on combining both functionality and aesthetics. However, when it comes to home remodeling trends for this year, only a handful few stand out in terms of popularity and timeless appeal.

Read on to get some inspirations from our compilation of the best remodeling trends of 2017:

Design-Focused Entrances

These days, beauty and form are not enough when it comes to design, and functionality remains a key driver of innovation in design trends, which is why it’s a must when remodeling your entryway. The goal is to create a good first impression while enabling flow and utility.

You can do this by introducing useful elements like a mirrored shoe storage cabinet with your favorite quote written on it, or in the case of large spaces, a grand chandelier hanging over a well-appointed coffee table with an eye-catching centerpiece and antique framed wall mirrors that make for a great ‘selfie’ spot. Whatever your preference, just be sure to not include any redundant pieces in your décor, as the goal is to focus on a functional but attractive design.

Colored Kitchens

Vibrant colors expressed through kitchen cabinets and appliances are proving to be a flattering trend to modern kitchen designs and they are a great way to give your kitchen a new lease on life when doing Stamford handyman. Another great way to interpret this trend is through bright colored walls, which perfectly compliment a muted or pastel color scheme.

Designers and DIYers alike have turned their attention to this formerly obscure part of the house to introduce stylish but functional design elements such as pet washing stations, coat racks, and shelving which work perfectly together. The addition of laminated countertops combined with smooth tile floors turns the mudroom into a space that is inviting, highly functional, clean, and easy to maintain.

Garage Renovations

If anything, 2017’s additions and remodels prove that with a little renovation, you can maximize the space in your garage so that it provides additional storage for all kinds of stuff. With custom shelves, you can store anything from extra tools to your kids’ toys, while drawer and pegboards are a great place to keep your recreational and winter gear and equipment. These features are there to not only keep the garage neat and clean but can also add aesthetic value to transform it from a disorganized and neglected part of your home to a more fun and functional space for everyone to enjoy.

Smart Home Upgrades

Thanks to the surge of new technology advances, home automation technology has been an integral part of handyman Stamford this year, in the form of high-tech devices, gadgets, and apps that come with many benefits to help make your life easier. Examples include things like automatic air purifiers with cutting-edge filters, WiFi enabled and remotely controlled security cameras, smart-phone controlled appliances, intuitive AI thermostats to energy-saving light bulbs that automatically switch off light fixtures when not in use.