8 Living Room Layouts for All Tastes

A thriving living room layout is dependent on two factors: room form and client lifestyle. Even though some might get a symmetrical space to be perfection, others may prefer the gentle chaos of multiple seating locations. However, no matter if your living room is small, long, narrow or large, you may employ your furniture layout to reflect your own style while making an inviting feeling for guests.

Listed below are eight excellent living room layouts that may work with anyone’s style. See which could function in your property.

Alexander James Interiors

Symmetrical. The fireplace serves as the focal point in this monochromatic living room. Dividing the layout equally on either side enables guests to sit straight across from one another. Usually, symmetrical layouts like this dictate a more formal setting.

Lencioni Construction

Minimalist. Using minimalist, low-lying furniture sets the accent on your home’s architecture. No conclusion tables, knickknacks or table lamps are necessary in this expansive area.

Robeson Design

Balanced. Forget the sofa and generate a round area of relaxing club seats. Placing furniture all over the room with a cocktail table or ottoman (as revealed) since the anchor produces a comfortable balance that encourages dialogue.

Possibilities for Design, Inc..

Flowing. It’s difficult to figure out what to do with a lengthy space such as this, yet this designer utilized a traditional seating arrangement to create a recognizable stream from one end of the room to another. The backless daybed brings both ends of the room together, rather than dividing the space.

Michael Abrams Limited

Harmonizing. This living room accommodates many guests with seating in several shapes and dimensions. The sofa grounds the rear wall, while the remaining part of the furniture structure circles around an oversize cocktail table. A backless upholstered bench balances out the other side of the room perfectly.

Eleven Interiors

Playful. Not every dwelling area has to be severe. If you’ve got a bigger piece of gaming furniture (such as the pool table in this room), build your living room around it. The pool table takes the place of a traditional sofa, while the overstuffed seats floor the other side of the room. Custom bench seating with flared arms beneath the windows subtly emphasizes the pleasure sense.

sherry hart

Little. Smaller living rooms offer the opportunity for bold style and comfy furniture layouts. A settee, utilized instead of a traditional sofa, sits perfectly in the center of this room. Coupled with two armless seats, it gives lots of seating for just the right number of guests. I love how the bench behind the settee can offer extra seating, also.

Watch settees for each room and Fashion

Adrienne DeRosa

Artful. If you have invested in art, allow it to determine your living room’s layout. This room’s sectional sofa seems to disappear in the wall, permitting the art and accessories to take center stage. The playful tufted ottomans add to the room’s artful vibe.

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