8 Bohemian Bedrooms Trek Effortlessly Into Style

In the event that you were the wild-child heir to a European fortune who preferred to spend time in North Africa researching souks and hosting celebrations for expat musicians, then your bedroom may seem like this.

Bohemian style is hard to create, since the exact key to doing it successfully is to make it seem completely effortless and unplanned. There are some must-haves: designs and fabrics from all over the world, art (particularly old artwork ), books and a specific devil-may-care messiness.

But it isn’t simply eclectic. It isn’t neat or fitting, and it is definitely not contemporary. Jonathan Adler is contemporary diverse, but he is not exactly bohemian.

True boho magic is achieved only when the room looks as if you just gathered all of the interesting things you have gathered in your journeys and combined them together with the excellent books you have ever read, then tossed everything together with a few old family portraits in gilt frames and some mismatched pieces of wooden furniture.

Nothing can match. Lamps don’t necessarily need to operate, and on top of that, you don’t need to create your bed in case you don’t need to.

Anthropologie is the contemporary master of faked bohemian artsiness.

Justina Blakeney

Positive boho signposts: combined ethnic patterns, dreamy but cluttered canopy and clustered art in mismatched frames. Points off for neatness.

Artisan Books

Boho signposts: Lots of North African components, mixed patterns, a slight hippie appearance. Points away for lack of art.

Elizabeth Cross-Beard

It is a little contemporary, however its boho signposts — art, layered cloths, shoes on display, chandelier — are equally powerful. Major points away for lack of books and old art, however, and for those fitting bedside lamps.


Boho signposts: stained glass; mismatched lamps, tables and patterns; and vintage linens. Points away for lack of books, art along with a scarf draped over one of these lamps.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Books! Ethnic patterns! Mismatched patterns! Boho points away for neatness, fitting lamps as well as the deficiency of old portraits.

This can be bohemian perfection. No points away.

Catalina Estrada

Old house, that’s good. Funky wallpaper. A faded rug along with some small, eclectic art. All good boho cred. Points off to the shortage of books piled on the ground and any authentic ethnic patterns.

Well, the stark white is a little bright and clean to the authentic Gertrude Steins among us, but everything else — the patterns, art (notice the portrait) and basic mismatchiness are very well done. Major boho points!

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