10 Ways Library Ladders Give Bathrooms a Lift

Library ladders, which can be rolling or sliding ladders that hang on a railway to offer access to top shelves, lend such a elegant, polished atmosphere to the room they occupy. As you may guess from the title, they traditionally were utilized in libraries with high ceilings so that people could reach books stored on the top shelves. But today architects and homeowners utilize them in every room of the home. Check out 10 of my favorite thoughts.

MN Builders

1. In the bathroom. Install a sliding ladder to reach sundries stored in high cabinets. As a bonus, you may use it for hanging towels.

Tanner Vine – 2Go Custom Kitchens Inc

2. At a space. Against neutral walls and white millwork, this library ladder looks like a piece of dramatic sculpture.

Bunker Workshop

3. In the larder. What greater way to maximize pantry storage? A library ladder permits you to store bottles and jars on high shelves and nooks that may otherwise go unused.

John Kraemer & Sons

4. In the mudroom. Stash hats, gloves, sports gear and much more in baskets, then tuck those baskets on upper shelves so guests can’t look in and see the jumble. Utilize a library ladder to access everything you need.

5. In the kitchen. Choose a ladder which may slide from the manner of this work zone so it does not interfere with your cooking.

Murphy & Co.. Layout

6. In the butler’s pantry. No longer climbing over the countertops to reach the soup tureen or fondue pot you split once every few decades.

Siemasko + Verbridge

7. At the beach home. Because vacation homes often are busy with guests, sleeping area can be at a premium. With ladder access, unused upper space can be transformed into a loft.

Murdock Solon Architects

8. In the den. Tuck CDs and DVDs behind closed doors — you will be able to reach them quickly when required.

Birdseye Design

9. Rather than stairs. No space to get a stairwell? A library ladder produces a fine stand-in. Just be sure it is secured — you don’t want it to skid as you reach the landing.

10. At the house office. Stretch your workspace vertically with a ladder which enables access to supplies and files put out of the way.

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