Purple Hull Pea Varieties

Sub-species unguiculata, Vigna unguiculata, is legume and a cover-crop recognized as the purple pea. Despite its title, the purple pea isn’t really a pea, but instead a bean. Also referred to as part of the cowpea or southern team, purple pea types have a purple hull that is colored. The various types provide alternatives for developing routines and disease resistances and all types are hardy in Sunset’s Environment Zones 1a through 2-4.

Vining Types

Hull peas that are Vining can dominate a backyard, therefore supports or trellises are suggested. Mississippi Pinkeye is an early variety which is resistant against all three kinds of Fusarium illnesses, in line with the University of Arkansas. The Pinkeye selection matures somewhat later than the Mississippi and grows on vines that are long, around 70 times compared to 63. A bacteria-virus resistant selection of Pinkeye shares its characteristics and is accessible.

Semi-Vining Types

Several purple hull peas type vines that grow using up less room. These types are called semi- . Coronet is a maturing selection that is very early with harvests at 5-8 times, in this class, but it’s no resistances to diseases besides viruses that are mosaic. California Pinkeye grows without any particular illness resistances and matures in around 60 times, in the semi-vining practice.

Bush Types

Many home gardeners choose the the bushing practice of types like Charleston Greenpack, to conserve space and decrease the need for trellises or supports. The Charleston Greenpack range types a a tight bush that supports it self; the pods produce at the the very top of the foliage for simple choosing, in accordance with Clemson University. Petite-N Green is still another bush range that’s somewhat smaller that are . Both resist viruses and mature around 65 to 70 times. The Texas Pink Eye Purple Hull combines various disease resistances as well as a practice. It could be harvested a-T 5 5 times.


Most types of purple pea create pink eye d beans are similar in dimensions and shape to black-eye-d peas, an associate of the cowpea family. A greater brown bean that’s also identified as a crowder is produced by one selection, but nonetheless gets the signature pod. The Knuckle Purple Hull selection matures at 60-days and grows in a a tight bush. The brown- crowder beans have a stronger taste than their black or pink -eye-d counter parts.

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